Perfect Touch Home Cleaning
Perfect Touch Home Cleaning

is a DFW-based cleaning company that was started by a mother. She saw a gap in the marketplace for a local cleaning company that truly understood what the customer needed.

A reliable, affordable cleaning solution that actually makes your life EASIER, not one that becomes more of a hassle. Why would you hire a cleaning service that makes your life more complicated?
Perfect Touch Home Cleaning

Terms of Service                                               

In the event that a client needs to cancel any scheduled cleaning, clients are required to call by 8pm the evening before the clean is scheduled in order to cancel. If a crew is dispatched and no-one is home when they arrive, they have no form of entry, or client decides to cancel at time of arrival, a $40 cancellation fee will be assessed to compensate Perfect Touch Home Cleaning for labor and fuel expenses incurred.

Perfect Touch Home Cleaning holds our crew to a high standard of service and expects our clients to do the same. If, for any reason, our clients are not satisfied will the level of service provided by our crew, the crew will be required to return to the property to correct any incomplete or unsatisfactorily performed tasks. Our guarantee is valid for 24 hours after scheduled service.

Perfect Touch Home Cleaning does not typically issue monetary refunds for services rendered. All services are guaranteed for 24 hours. If there is a quality of service discrepancy, a crew will be dispatched within 24 hours to correct the error. *Exception: If there are extenuating circumstances, or it is not possible to honor our service guarantee, a monetary refund may be issued with approval of owner. Monetary refunds will not exceed 30% of pretax charges under any circumstances. If a client chooses to stop or dispute payment through their financial institution, Perfect Touch Home Cleaning reserves the right to pursue recovery of funds under the protection of Texas Penal Codes 31.04, 31.06, 32.31, and 32.41. Perfect Touch Home Cleaning also reserves the right to pursue additional fees incurred by company in efforts to recover funds.

As permitted by state law, Perfect Touch Home Cleaning reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to any client at any time. This right will be enforced if at any time our management staff deems that the environment in which our crews would be subjected to meets one of the following criteria: (i) jobsite is deemed physically unsafe for our crew members (ii) it is determined a biological or health hazard is present (iii) crew members are faced with a morally or ethically compromising situation (iv) crew members discover any illegal material that compromises their safety.
Our crews our held to an extremely high moral and ethical code. If during the course of cleaning, any illegal substance or materials are discovered, company policy dictates the crew immediately evacuate the property and report findings to owner. The owner reserves discretion to report said findings to local authorities if deemed necessary. Reportable findings include but are not limited to: (i) illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia (ii) illegal weapons or explosives (iii) evidence of child pornography or child endangerment (iv) any evidence of impending terrorist activity (v) evidence of any felony offense that would endanger or link our crew member to the crime by not disclosing knowledge of the offense.

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